ADVISE capitalises on the scientific and technological background of every aspect of manufacturing support that the composites production requires. Through the in-depth analysis of the advanced materials and manufacturing technology available to the composite materials production world, ADVISE has designed, constructed, implemented and optimised sustainable solutions which satisfy the most demanding customers. Leveraging from the acquired experience, ADVISE spreads its activity towards marketing and promoting the technologies which are reflected by the numerous developed prototypes.


The technology areas of activity are:



  • Custom industrial measurement and Data AcQuisition systems (sensors, hardware and software) for production process monitoring, control and non-destructive inspection
  • On-line non-destructive inspection (NDI) systems for fault detection, fault identification and defect magnitude estimation
  • Process monitoring solutions based on dielectric sensing techniques with the following unique features:
    • Certification and optimisation of process conditions
    • Adaptable dielectric sensors in the form of interdigital capacitors
    • Integration of measurement systems to the overall process monitoring and control platforms


  • Material systems characterization and mapping
  • Cure kinetics models
  • Viscosity / chemorheology models
  • Glass transition temperature (Tg) models
  • Material state simulation tools for process modelling and optimisation
  • Cure cycle analysis and optimisation according to folloiwng specific criteria:
    • infusion window
    • shorter cure cycles
    • lower energy consumption
    • conditions at gelation
    • conditions at vitrification
    • end of cure detection



  • Statistical signal processing and signal models
  • System identification (model parameter estimation) based on experimental measurements
  • Knowledge-based software solutions for sensors signal analysis towards quality assessment and optimisation of composites production and products



  • Conception and organisation of research projects focused on the principal technical expertise as well as management of the project execution
  • Demonstration projects for the evaluation of products efficiency on the shopfloor practices

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